Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oracle Dictionary Scripts - $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/...sql

Rarely every DBA uses Catalog scripts which locates under $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/

I will not some of them and when and why we use it. Please note, it depends of the Oracle version and release.

We can say some of them famous, such as utlrp.sql it compiles invalid objects, it often used database upgrade, catalog.sql creates data dictionary, it used when you create database manually : create database ... etc. There are also some wrapped files (extension *.plb)

Here is list (not all) of scripts:

catalog.sql - create data dictionary views.
cataudit.sql - data dictionary views for auditing. (catnoaud.sql will remove)
catblock.sql - create views of oracle locks
catclust.sql - create cluster database specific views definitions
catdbsyn.sql - catalog dba synonyms (dba_synonyms.sql)
catio.sql - collect i/o per table/object stats by statistical sampling
catjava.sql - catalog scripts for java
catjobq.sql - catalog views for the job queue
catjvm.sql - create user|dba|all_java_* views
catldap.sql - catalog for ldap pl/sql api
catldr.sql - views for the direct path of the loader
catlsby.sql - logical standby tables and views
catpart.sql - creates data dictionary views for the partitioning table.
catoctk.sql - catalog - oracle cryptographic toolkit
catol.sql - outline views and synonyms
catparr.sql - parallel-server specific views, performance queries, etc
catpatch.sql - script to apply catalog patch set
catpitr.sql - tablespace point in time specific views
catplug.sql - pluggable tablespace check views
catprc.sql - creates data dictionary views for types, stored procedures, and triggers.
catproc.sql - run all sql scripts for the procedural option
catqm.sql - creates the tables and views needed to run the xdb system
catqueue.sql - contains the queue dictionary information
catrep.sql - run all sql scripts for replication option
catrepc.sql - repcat tables, views, and sequences
catrepm.sql - catalog script for master replication packages
catrepr.sql - catalog replication remove
catreps.sql - installs pl/sql packages for snapshot functionality.
catrls.sql - catalog views for row level security
catrm.sql - packages for the dbms resource manager
catrpc.sql - rpc procedural option
catrule.sql - rules catalog creation
catsnap.sql - data dictionary views for snapshots
catsnmp.sql - creates an snmpagent role
catspace.sql - catalog space management (remove with catspaced.sql)
catsum.sql - data dictionary views for summary management
catsvrmg.sql - create the views and tables required for server manager
catblock.sql - creates the view blocking_locks, which shows which locks are blocking the system
catnoaud.sql - removes the database audit trail created by cataudit.sql, including its data and views
catnoprc.sql - removes data dictionary structures that were created by catprc.sql 

Also keep in mind some script may call inside another script(s) and so on.


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