Sunday, December 30, 2012

ORA-02055: Distributed update operation failed; rollback required

Every DBA at least one time faced ORA-02055 exception. It may be occur on several reasons. Here is symptom and reason.

distributed update operation failed; rollback required
a failure during distributed update operation may not have rolled back all effects of the operation. Since some sites may be inconsistent, the transaction must roll back to a savepoint or entirely
rollback to a savepoint or rollback transaction and resubmit

It will be helpful checking DBA_2PC_PENDING data dictionary view 

select * from DBA_2PC_PENDING order by fail_time

--take local_tran_id or global_tran_id

example 8.44.2012311

Then enable distributed recovery and execute below statements using:
execute dbms_transaction.rollback_force('8.44.2012311');
execute dbms_transaction.purge_lost_db_entry('8.44.2012311')


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