Friday, December 28, 2012

How to stop/start RAC database in Oracle 11g

Using srvctl utility on ORACLE 11g we can stop, start and check status of RAC.

Stop/Start RAC instance on Oracle 11g

srvctl stop instance -d dbname -i instancename
srvctl stop instance -d myrac -i rac1

srvctl start instance -d dbname -i instancename
srvctl start instance -d myrac -i rac2

Stop/Start RAC database

srvctl stop database -d dbname -o immediate
srvctl stop database -d myrac -o immediate

P.S: immediate is optional and has alternative : normal, transactional, abort 

srvctl start database -d dbname
srvctl start database -d myrac

P.S: Can be used : nomount, mount, open


srvctl status nodeapps -n nodename
srvctl status nodeapps -n rac2

srvctl status asm -n nodename
srvctl status asm -n rac1

srvctl status instance -d dbname -i inst_name
srvctl status instance -d myrac -i rac2

srvctl status database -d racdb
srvctl status database -d racdb

srvctl config database -d racdb --provide hostname, instance_name, path
srvctl config database -d racdb

If you requested to stop RAC database follow steps:.

Before take fresh backup RAC clusters database

1. Shutdown any process in Oracle home that might be accessing a database ex: EM

2.  Shutdown RAC cluster database

Shut down all instance one-by-one
srvctl stop instance -d dbname -i instancename

Or you can shutdown RAC database (all instance will be shutting down)
srvctl stop database -d dbname

3. Shutdown ASM instances
srvcstl stop asm -n node

4.Stop all node applications
srvctl stop nodeapps -n node

5. Shutdown CRS (Cluster Ready Services)

Above guide for Oracle 11g R1. Till Oracle 11g R2 OCR and VOTE resides out of ASM, starting R2 it locates under ASM, so stopping cluster -all will be shutdown clear.

In Oracle 11g R2 there are a few commands to be consistency shutting down RAC

srvctl stop database -d dbname
crsctl stop cluster -all

Especially thanks to my friend, to Mahir for correcting and advice.



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