Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fix ORA-08104

While rebuilding index my toad session was hanged and I decided to kill session but it also hanged

SQL> alter index xxx.xxxxx rebuild online parallel 8;

To fix it I connected db with new sesssion and got object_id of mentioned index

 SQL> select object_id obj#, i.status from dba_indexes i, dba_objects o  
 where o.object_name=i.index_name and  

--Note flags
SQL> select flags from ind$ where obj#=356001; 

Using DBMS_REPAIR package clean index

SQL> declare  
 isclean boolean;  
 isclean :=false;  
 while isclean=false loop  
 end loop;  

--Note flags
 SQL> select flags from ind$ where obj#=356001; 

As you see it was decreased and normal

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