Friday, September 20, 2013

Interview with Lucia Hustatyova

Hi, today I will post interview with young beautiful woman, Oracle 10g and 11g OCM certified - Lucia Hustatyova.

She is one of the seldom DBA woman which have had OCM 10g and 11g certified.

After graduating from high school in Bardejov Stockel Leonard continued his studies at the University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in Kosice, the first scientific maths, later to study maths and science.
Thanks opportunities in Kosice as a student she worked at various companies for part-time positions.
The last six years working as a database consultant at famous company in Slovakia .

Q: Lucia, when did you pass that certified exam and where did you do it?
A: Oracle 10g OCM in Slovakia 2011, 11g also Slovakia but in 2012.

Q: How many years have you had experience with Oracle?
A: 6 years.

Q: What is your job responsibility and where currently are you in charge?
A: I am database admin at leader IT company - mainly practical stuff but sometimes my colleagues need consultations during performance problems or during creating architecture, and so on, therefore consultant as well
in our company it's also the name of the expert level.

Q: How long did you need for preparation?
A: Almost 4 months.

Q: Can you tell about the most recent oracle book you have read?
A: Last time it was about the exadata administratiion, because I am preparing for the certification.

Q: What are your interests, hobbies?
A: As every woman cleaning (does anyone have) and cooking :-).
I would rather it was divided into winter and summer activities - travel, skiing, bike, skate or just take a walk and forget about the daily grind.
Sometimes very happy exchange of technical documentation for fiction and excellent relaxation for me piano.

Q: In the end I would like to ask your recommendations to the people who are preparing the certificate exam?
A: Don`t be afraid and just go for OCM exam, it`s really worth for it. I can give you only one hint-
be familiar with oracle documentation.

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